Official Rules

Challenge Overview

The Knightley Collegiate Cup is a challenge open to students, alumni, and fans of your favorite colleges competing to build Knightley Venture Clubs - a mission driven club to make capital more accessible to entrepreneurs from a single alma mater.

2023’s Knightley Cup Challenge is a competition for each club to sell 10,000 Lifetime Memberships which raises a $10,000,000 Community Capital Pool which is to be invested into business opportunities and job creation at member-owned businesses. The members of each club will received a portion of the Community Carry on the performance of these clubs.

The first three Venture Clubs to sell out their club (10,000 Memberships) by the end of 2023 will earn a cash gift used for resources related to entrepreneurship at their favorite college.

1st Place $1,000,000 Gift to favorite college

2nd Place $500,000 Gift to favorite college

3rd Place $250,000 Gift to favorite college

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Knightley understands that for many entrepreneurs, especially first time entrepreneurs, there is an access to capital problem. Just like you, we all invested a lot in our college educations and feel that there should be an easy way to raise your hand within your college community, and have access to starter capital as you pursue a new endeavor. It’s even better when you have a network of people who can share insights and give advice based on experience.

What’s a Venture Club?

A Venture Club is a digital community of entrepreneurs who share a unique affinity (like alma mater) and prefer a collaborative environment to find investment opportunities and help one another grow businesses through peer feedback.

Each Venture Club comes with a private Community Feed, Job Board, Member Directory, Designated Capital Pool, Side Screened Investment Opportunities unique to the specific club, and a reward system for Peer Helpfulness.

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What’s in it for Members - Community

Every entrepreneur knows that one of the biggest secrets of success is having a network of supportive fans and mentors that can share advice based on real experience. As a member, you’ll have lifetime access to a network of peers who are in your corner and rooting for you with the tools to track your growth as an entrepreneur.

Knightley is on a mission to foster communities where anyone can raise their hand with a well planned business opportunity raise a small bit of capital to help get underway.

What’s in it for Members - Collaboration